Welcome to the Star Trek Beyond main page!

Star Trek Beyond is a Role Playing group based in the present time as it would be if the series had continued to this day. The main plot of the group is that all the ships/station and what ever other posting may come to join the Beyond fleet is a member of a secret faction of the Federation that in its self is much like the Romulan Tal Shiar or the Cardassian Obsidian Order or even "Section 31" of Starfleet but more advanced.

Our motto "Life in the shadows to secure the Future"

More information will be added in time, thank you for stopping by and visit often to see our updates

Current Starfleet Postings:

Starbase 0
Commanding Officer: Admiral Tovan
Day and Time: Unknown

U.S.S Collective (NCC-90000)

Collective Class Command Cruiser

Commanding Officer: Admiral Tovan

Day and Time: Unknown

Current Klingon Empire Postings:

I.K.S Black Death

Vor'Cha Class Attack Cruiser

Commanding Officer: HoD Lukara

Day and Time: Thursdays at 10pm Central/11pm eastern